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It's a new day so come by to say hello to us at our new home in Silver Spring, MD at the Lovely Sola Salon Studios. We are in Studio 7.

I moved to Washington, D.C. from San Francisco September of 2011. I am a licensed Esthetician in California, DC, Virginia, Maryland and Insured with Associated Skincare Professionals. I have over 15 years of experience of working as a makeup artist (mua) and have worked in the fashion/beauty industry in various capacities.
I have experience working behind the scenes with runway fashion shows in California, Seattle, the Virgin Islands and I had the privilege to participate in D.C. fashion week fall 2011. In addition, I've worked with professional photographers providing make-up services for models, worked behind the scenes as a mua at Las Vegas Revues. Other areas of mua have been in the bridal market, celebrity clients and private consultations where I have provided client make-overs. I also have several years of retail experience with MAC, Bobbi Brown, Professionals, Laura Mercier, Vincent Longo, and Too Faced Cosmetics.
After working for so many years as a mua I decided to become expand in the field as an Esthetician because the best foundation starts with healthy skin.

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  • ***WINTER SPECIAL*** 30% Gycolic Acid Lunch-time peel $35
    Lunchtime peels are exactly that, peels you can do on a break and go back to work. They have very few risks and can be done on almost everyone.

     The 30% Glycolic Peel is an excellent cell renewal peel and is a great classic on its own. The glycolic acid dissolves the desmosomes that hold skin together to allow for an efficient exfoliation.

    Tingle Factor: 3     pH: 1.27

    • Desquamates skin cells
    • Exfoliates
    • Softens
    • Reduces keratinization
    • Treats mild to moderate acne
    • Minimizes pore size

    Tis the season. Fresh skin for everyone! This regularly priced service is now 50% off! *While Supplies Last*

  • Relax & heal in Light

    • Light Solace Celluma & Amethyst BioMat $45
      Find your solace in light therapy in 30 minutes. Look young, feel good.

      Biomat & Celluma 

      Biomat Far Infrared Heat is pure energy in the form of LIGHT from the invisible area of the electromagnetic spectrum. Far Infrared Heat was discovered by NASA to be the most beneficial light wave, penetrating the skin and increasing circulation to detoxify the body of harmful toxins and acid wastes.

      Celluma LED light therapy Developed by NASA, and cleared by the FDA for pain management and skin care, Shine Bodyworks’ innovative LED light therapy uses 3 different wavelengths of light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells, and has a wide range of beneficial applications including the treatment of multiple skin, muscle, joint and pain conditions.

    • Celluma - Biophtonic LED Light Therapy $25
      Celluma LED Biophotonic Therapy

      Pain condition
    • BioMat - Far Infrared, Negative Ionic Therapy $30
      Our state of the art BioMat is a thermo-electrotherapeutic device for enhancing 
      your immune system via a combination of innovative features.

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